Love May 14, 2018

34 Fun Facts About Me

The Bliss Between

Here at The Bliss Between, we take birthdays seriously. And guess what? It’s BIRTHDAY WEEK! That’s right folks, this Saturday, I’ll be celebrating my 34th trip around the sun. To kick off the festivities, I’ll be joining in on the blogger’s rite of passage– sharing 34 fun facts you might not have known about me.

Erin’s Fun Facts:

1. I’m not 100% sure where or when I took my first yoga class. I think it was in middle school in the Community Education Center gymnasium.

2. I DO know where and when I fell in love with yoga: Wednesday evenings at West Sixth Brewery, in June of 2013.

3. I love my birthday, but it’s not because everything is all about me for the day (or week). It’s because all the people I love most gather in one place and I get to celebrate our friendship.

4. I had a llama growing up. His name was Canola Oil and he was stubborn as fuck.

5. I’ve worn glasses since the second grade. My vision is TERRIBLE.

6. My hearing, however, is very good, so if you whisper in another room, I just might hear you.

7. If I could have a superpower, I think I would choose the ability to teleport. Close my eyes and be in French Polynesia? Yes please.

8. I’ve never understood why people take a vacation to the beach and then hang out at the hotel pool. Even as a child, this baffled me. The ocean is right there!

9. Animals are my favorite. My favorite favorite. All of them. Except snakes.

10. I’m an only child, and glad to be one. It taught me independence, self-reliance, and creativity.

11. One of my favorite memories ever is camping in the Australian outback, staring up at the stars in the southern sky on a cloudless night. It was the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen.

12. I visited California for the first time when I was 13, and since then I’ve felt like that’s where I belong.

13. And as an adult, my favorite place on the planet is the Esalen Institute in Big Sur.

14. I don’t like multi-level marketing companies. Please don’t try to sell me something from one.

15. Gilmore Girls is my all-time favorite television program. The Office, Arrested Development, and Friends round out the top four.

16. When I started my blog last summer, I started spending a lot of time in Starbucks. Now I’m addicted.

17. Adam Sandler was my first favorite actor.

18. James McAvoy is my current favorite actor… but more for his looks and charming accent.

19. I was a competitive Scottish Highland Dancer growing up. My kilt is still at my parents’ house!

20. I hate styling my hair, but I also hate when my hair isn’t styled.

21. For years, I refused to try hot yoga. Now I teach it and love it.

22. I think less of people who don’t recycle. If that’s you… well, start recycling. This planet needs love.

23. I was in a sorority in college, but my school only had local fraternities and sororities, so unless you went to Trinity University with me, you won’t be familiar with Gamma Chi Delta.

24. I believe in the power of sunshine and nature.

25. I want to learn to be a morning person. No luck so far.

26. I prefer my wine to be French.

27. I was a very good kid. And teenager. My parents were strict (and I was the only child) and I couldn’t get away with anything.

28. I’m also pretty brainy. Straight As, valedictorian, card-carrying MENSA member.

29. Bad dreams are the norm for me, and have been for several years.

30. My favorite piece of jewelry is my grandmother’s pearls. I wear them all the time.

31. I can be kind of snobby. I’m also very self-aware, so it’s okay.

32. My yoga journey has brought much more acceptance and compassion into my life, and I love the way that feels.

33. It’s more important to me to live a full, vibrant life, exploring other cultures and meeting new people, than to have children. But one kid might be okay.

34. If I’m mad, feed me and tell me I’m pretty.


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