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Bend August 23, 2017

adventures in yoga: SUP Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

There are so many new ways popping up to experience yoga… Surely you’ve seen the videos of baby goat yoga on your social media feeds? Then there’s nude yoga, yoga raves, and karaoke yoga, to name a few. On the other end of the spectrum, there are so many old ways to experience yoga that I’ve never tried either… inyengar, ashtanga, kundalini… and I want…

Bend July 28, 2017

Get Fired Up: Yoga Poses for Energy

Yoga for energy

It’s almost August, and it’s HOT. Days are long and the sun can be draining. What should be a season of play and fun sometimes makes me want to just take a nap… which is no way to spend the summer! When I need an energy boost, I turn to yoga. We often use yoga to relax, but with the right poses, yoga can ENERGIZE…

balance Bend July 8, 2017

Get happy with the Eight limbs of yoga

You probably know that yoga is an ancient practice. But did you know that there are eight different aspects, or limbs, of yoga? And that what we in the western world typically think of as yoga– you know, what we do when we go to a yoga class– is actually only one of those limbs? The sage Patanjali outlined the eight limbs of yoga as…