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balance Love July 15, 2017

Joy by trying

  Joy. We all want it. We're all searching for it. Chasing it. Sometimes it eludes us. At times it seems completely unattainable. And then, once in a while, we catch it. Maybe we hold on to it briefly, maybe longer. It's always in flux. And that's okay. Because joy can be found in SO MANY WAYS. And in SO MANY PLACES. One of my…

balance Bend July 8, 2017

Get happy with the Eight limbs of yoga

You probably know that yoga is an ancient practice. But did you know that there are eight different aspects, or limbs, of yoga? And that what we in the western world typically think of as yoga– you know, what we do when we go to a yoga class– is actually only one of those limbs? The sage Patanjali outlined the eight limbs of yoga as…