balance Love July 15, 2017

Joy by trying



We all want it. We’re all searching for it. Chasing it. Sometimes it eludes us. At times it seems completely unattainable. And then, once in a while, we catch it. Maybe we hold on to it briefly, maybe longer. It’s always in flux. And that’s okay. Because joy can be found in SO MANY WAYS. And in SO MANY PLACES.

One of my favorite ways to find joy? By trying something new.  Anything new. Eating a new food, traveling to a new city, discovering a new nook of your city, experimenting with a new style, taking a new class… literally anything new. It’s foolproof. Seriously. The adrenaline rush of a new experience? The best! Regardless of whether or not you end up loving that new thing, whatever it may be, there is joy in just TRYING. And if you don’t like that new thing you took a chance on? No biggie. Now you know it isn’t for you. But here’s the best part. You achieved something far greater than just learning that you don’t like something. You exercised that muscle in your brain that grows stronger every time you TRY something. That muscle that makes you more adaptable, more open, more willing, and let’s be honest, a more interesting person. (Note: if you search for “try muscle” on the googles or in an anatomy book, you won’t find it. I made it up. It’s a metaphor y’all.)

Or maybe you’ll discover something you LOVE! Maybe that new thing is going to consistently bring you joy over and over again. That’s like, extra bonus joy on top of the joy of trying something new. Extra bonus joy that you now know you can come back to anytime you want. And the more new things you try? The more new things you have the opportunity to love. And the more things you love? The more ways you have to bring yourself joy. See the pattern here?

I’m trying something new RIGHT HERE, on this blog. Totally new for me. And kind of scary. Putting my thoughts out there for the whole wide interwebs to read? A little frightening. I mean, it’s a completely vulnerable position. But guess what? It’s scary, but also REALLY exciting. Thrilling even. Because it’s a new adventure for me. And there’s joy in that.


So here’s your challenge: This week try just ONE new thing. Just one. Try that ethnic cuisine you’re been wondering about, go into a local boutique that has been intimidating you, go take an exercise class you’ve avoided. Hell, get a drink at Starbucks you’ve never had before, but just TRY something. A note though– like most things, the reward you get from this will increase with the effort you put in, so trying hazelnut syrup in your latte when you usually get caramel isn’t going to rock your world as much as lacing up your sneaks and trying that boot camp class you’ve been wondering about would. But that’s okay. Some weeks branching out at Starbucks is what we can handle. Some weeks it’s white water rafting. Whatever it is that you choose this week will still exercise that “try muscle” and hopefully set you on a path for trying more new things in the future.

What will you choose? Tell me in the comments below!


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