balance December 7, 2017

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Good morning y’all! I want to share a new website with you, The Newsette. They’ve been putting out an awesome morning newsletter for a while now (go here to subscribe), but the website is BRAND SPANKING NEW!

It’s so awesome, because it not only gives you current news for the day, but it also gives you access to past Newsette newsletters. Why would you want to read old news, you may ask? Because The Newsette is more than just daily news and current events. It is that, but it’s also more. Think interviews with girl bosses who are out there killing it. Think recommendations on bad ass books, websites, and information sources aimed at women who mean business. Think evergreen articles about self-care, self-transformation, and empowerment.

One of my favorite sections of the new website is the Career page, where they feature amazing women in executive positions (like this one with Katia Beauchamp of Birchbox). As a woman who has newly decided to go out on my own and try to make a career for myself pursuing my passion, this section is invaluable to me!

Get in on it:

Do yourself a favor, check out The Newsette website, and subscribe to their newsletter!


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