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Raise your Vibration

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It’s Autumn. The days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are falling. It’s time to talk about raising our vibrations. Vibrations are not a concept solely for hippies or new-age, crystal-wielding weirdos. It’s for everyone (really). But what does it mean, exactly, to raise your vibration? What do people mean when they say they’re “vibrating at a higher frequency”? For the longest time, I didn’t understand those words AT ALL. And if you don’t either, well, get ready to have your mind blown.

Good Vibrations

The Beach Boys sang about “Good Vibrations” and Instagrammers everywhere like to post cutesy photos proclaiming their apparent attachment to “Good Vibes Only.” Those “vibes” we’re all familiar with are one and the same as our vibration. And yes, that vibration can be raised. Or lowered. It’s more thn new-age bullshit. It has roots in actual science. (Roots in, folks. Don’t come at me.)

Remember back in high school science class when we learned that everything in the universe (seen and unseen) is just energy vibrating at different frequencies? That even matter is actually just energy? (E=mc2, thanks Einstein!) I’ll never forget the day I learned that everything, even something “solid” like the chair upon which I was sitting, was actually a bunch of atoms moving around, vibrating around each other.

It’s Just Energy

Now that we have that foundation sitting in the front of our brain– that everything and everyone is made up of vibrating energy– we can start to think about how that affects us in our daily life. Measurements have shown that the healthy human body vibrates at a frequency of 62-68 MHz. Lower vibrations can lead to illness and disease.

But more than that, lower vibrations can leave us feeling clunky, clumsy, sluggish, and like nothing is going right. Do you have those days? The days when it feels like your body, your mind, and even your things don’t work right? I know I do. Those days when NOTHING cooperates? Putting on a jacket feels like work, getting in my car is uncomfortable, and as soon as I do, everything falls out of my purse. And then there are the days when everything feels perfect. I breeze through the day, my laptop bag feels lighter, my mind is clearer, and there’s a pep in my step.

I used to marvel at how some days could feel so different than others. How some days I feel light as a feather, and some days I feel like a walking dead weight. Guess what? It’s my vibration. And the Law of Attraction (this is not science-book science, but I find it holds true in my life nonetheless) tells us that like attracts like. So when we stumble through our day, and run into doorways, we then drop all our bags, and then even carrying in the groceries feels so cumbersome. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Those days, to put it bluntly, just plain suck.

Time to raise your vibration.

If you can succeed in raising your vibration, things immediately start looking up. You’ll feel lighter in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Everyday tasks will feel as if they require less exertion. You’ll be living in a state of ease. And most importantly, you’ll be happier. How do you go about raising your vibration? It’s actually pretty attainable.

Seven Ways to Raise your Vibration NOW

1. Actively practice gratitude:

Keep a gratitude journal and write in it every night before bed. Write down three things for which you are currently feeling grateful. Some days are harder than others… I’ll admit I have at least a few gratitude journal entries which include things like, “a roof over my head,” because nothing else has felt very good that day. But the simple act of thinking of, and then recording, things in our lives for which we’re grateful, will eventually condition our minds to think in terms of gratitude throughout the whole day. And that mindset will raise your vibration.

2. Eat consciously:

Just like everything else in the universe, foods vibrate on different frequencies. Some vibrate higher than others. Organic and whole foods vibrate higher than processed junk food. Pay attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel afterward. I know fried foods are delicious, but let’s be honest– we feel like crap after we eat them.

3. Ditch the negative talk (and thoughts):

Every single thought that goes through your head affects you. Say it with me again: EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT THAT GOES THROUGH YOUR HEAD AFFECTS YOU. I wrote about not calling yourself an idiot and positive self-talk in this post. But we also need to watch what we say and think about others as well. Gossiping and disdain will only lower your vibration. Boost those vibes by being careful about what goes on in your head. Let’s be positive.

4. Meditate:

Or pray. Or chant Om. Just find some time (five to ten minutes will do the trick) to sit quietly, close your eyes, connect with your breath, and bring some peace and calm to your mind.

5. Drink plenty of H2O:

Our bodies need water to function. Water flushes out toxins. Toxicity is, you guessed it, not good for your vibration.


Preferably in a joyful way. Get your blood pumping in a way that makes you happy. Dance, walk, run, skip, lift weights… whatever. Vibration is literally movement… so move and get that vibration UP.

7. Revel in nature’s beauty:

Being outside in nature reminds us that we’re part of a much bigger world than our iPhones and SUVs. Take some time to appreciate the sunshine, fresh air, plants, animals, and the inner-connectedness of it all.


Not convinced that we’re all vibrating beings of energy capable of controlling our own frequencies? That’s cool. Do the things on this list anyway.

I bet you’ll feel better.

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  • Michelle November 10, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    I’m a big believer in keeping your vibration up and being positive. Your tips were great.

  • chris November 10, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Great post, so much truth in what you say and I agree. Thanks.

  • Tiazim November 10, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Its so amazing to me, that we can really break everything into just a few, crucial steps. It really is all about getting, having and giving energy.

  • Belinda November 11, 2017 at 7:09 am

    The gratitude journal sounds like a great idea. And I definitely need to drink more water!

  • Meg December 5, 2017 at 12:58 pm

    I love the positive vibes you are putting out with your blog. Beautiful website & wonderful advice. Thanks for these reminders ❤️
    Namaste. ?? Meg