balance March 15, 2018

Flatten your tummy

The Bliss Between

Swimsuit season is approaching and crop tops are still in style this year (what?), so lots of us are kicking it into high gear with our workouts and nutrition. Or you know, if you’re like me, at least thinking about kicking it into high gear, haha.

But wait, Erin, are you telling me I need to look perfect in a swimsuit?

Obviously not. There’s a big difference between feeling a need to look good and wanting to feel good. I want you to feel good. In your body and in your life. Flat tummies and perfect abs aren’t everything. They won’t bring you bliss or happiness. But striving to be healthy and take care of your body IS important.

Enter Hum Nutrition

I’ve partnered up with Hum Nutrition to tell you about my newest tool for working toward a flatter belly: their “Flatter Me” nutrition supplement.

Hum believes that “beauty starts from within” and their line of clinically researched nutritional supplements works from the inside out to help you look and feel your best. I’ve been using Flatter Me for a couple weeks now, and I’m loving the results. It’s not a magic pill. It’s not going to make you look like a super model. But it does contain digestive enzymes that reduce bloating and that “too full” feeling.

The Perfect Pair

I love pairing my Flatter Me supplement with a healthy snack or meal. Especially anything with avocado! It’s popular for a reason, people, and it’s not just because it looks pretty in Instagram photos. The good fats and fiber in avocado help keep me from getting hungry two hours later, and the Flatter Me supplement allows me to feel good after I’ve eaten. No food babies here!

Find Your Perfect Fit

Want to try Hum for yourself? Take their 3-minute evaluation to find out which of their products will best fit your needs and lifestyle. I love Flatter Me, but you might love something else more. Also, you can use the code NEWSETTE to get 20% off your first online order!

Let me know what you think!

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